Living Plant Gifts

Herb Pots, Vertical Gardens, Plant Centerpieces and Hanging Gardens that You Can Buy or Make

   Jan 24

Vertical Garden Kits

living wall kitOne of the more unique styles of gardens is the vertical planter. This is why it can make such a great gift – because many people do not have them.

They can be an elegant focal point in a yard or on a patio, but they can also create a unique work of art indoors in a home or office. Depending on the plants you choose, they can also be very low maintenance, making them ideal gifts for people who like plants but who don’t enjoy gardening. =)

The good news is that you don’t have to be a gardener yourself to gift a vertical arrangement. You can buy one pre-made, or you can save some money by purchasing a vertical garden kit and making it yourself.

Kits are simple, as they usually include everything you need except the plants and soil. Just position the plants into the container compartments, and you can be done “building” your garden in under an hour!

There are some framed vertical gardens which are made with unfinished wood. This means that you can paint or stain them to make them even more unique or match the surrounding decor.

Some people use the planters for growing herbs and get chalkboard paint so that they can write on the frame and erase it whenever they change herbs. This is simple to do, as you can see here.